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The final section of our Krav Maga for Kids curriculum is Physical Fitness. Each class is energetic and fast-paced which helps promote an active lifestyle. Every lesson includes exercises that improve cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. The Krav Maga techniques taught improve coordination, balance, and agility...all important attributes that increase performance in other physical activities and sports.


Push-Ups An important part of our Physical Fitness curriculum is the use of The President's Challenge Physical Fitness Test. We started using this program in all our children's martial arts classes over a dozen years ago...well before it was the "popular" thing to do. We noticed a bad trend of sedentary and inactive children enrolling in our kids classes and wanted to fix it. By using the concept of personal victory, we frequently test our young student's fitness levels with the goal of self-improvement instead of comparing the results to others. All of our instructors keep physical fit in order to set a good example to our students.


Physical Fitness Test
Presidential Physical Fitness Award The Physical Fitness Test recognizes students for their level of physical fitness in five activities:

  • Curl-ups (or partial curl-ups)
  • Shuttle run
  • Endurance run/walk
  • Pull-ups (or right angle push-ups or flexed-arm hang)
  • V-sit reach (or sit and reach)

We know that just completing all five activities is an accomplishment. To celebrate this fitness feat, we offer three awards for students, based on their scores:

  • Presidential Physical Fitness Test Award
    Wow! These kids are seriously fit! This award recognizes students who achieve an outstanding level of physical fitness. To earn this award, students must score at or above the 85th percentile on all five activities, based on our award benchmarks.

  • National Physical Fitness Test Award
    Impressive! These kids clearly have a great fundamental level of fitness. Students earn this award for scoring above the 50th percentile on all five activities, based on our award benchmarks.

  • Participant Physical Fitness Test Award
    Woo hoo! There's room for improvement, but these students showed great heart. Students earn this award if they participate in all five activities, and one or more of their scores fall below the 50th percentile.

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